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More Scenes From Our 2007 Show




There were lots of demonstrations to keep everyone busy during the show. There was threshing grain. We started with one of the oldest form threshing machines -- the flail.









Next came the improvement of the ground hog thresher. This hand-fed thresher is shown being powered by a scale model steamer.








And now a more "modern" threshing outfit. This Huber gas tractor belted to a Frick thresher.








The Baker Fan was kept busy with the engines and tractors. The fan's purpose was to break-in engines at the factory. The faster the fan turns, the more load is put on the engine or tractor.








We also had lots of games. There were steam engine games which tested the engineer's skills. Sometimes they were going forwards ...










... Sometimes they were going backwards.








Sometimes they were jousting.








Jousting is the Maryland State Sport, but it is usually done on horseback. For the first time at our show, a jousting competition involved tractors. This really took a lot of skill.





Pedal Pull






And we can't forget the games for the little ones! A kid's pedal pull was held on Sunday to see how far they can pull a sled of weights with a pedal tractor.












Among the rare tractors for this part of the world is this Worthington tractor.









The sawmill was in operation during the show sawing logs into lumber. And yes, Tim Engle's shirt is wet from sweat.




Reeves sawing



Different engines took turns powering the sawmill. Here, the Reeves gets its turn.









Blacksmith, Mark Williams was busy plying his trade in the Old Blacksmith Shop.








In the "cool" of the evening, there were free country music shows. On Saturday night Mel Price and Friends entertained the crowd.






We hope you have enjoyed these glimpses of our show. Of course there were many, many, many more exhibits and demonstrations going on during the three days. There was plenty of good food. We hope to see you next year when our 48th annual show will be August 1, 2, 3, 2008.

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