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Scenes From Our 2005 Show
Eastern Shore Threshermen's 2005 show was held on August 5, 6, 7.
We had very good attendance this year. It was hot, but it usually is hot in August. Despite Sunday's rain we had a very good show.
Here are a few scenes of the many, many exhibits and demonstrations featured.



We had a good variety of exhibits this year at our show. Kara and John Leck of Painted Post, NY are shown operating Mickey and Brenda Stant's 8 1/2 x10 Frick traction engine at the show. Photo courtesy of Jay Phillips, Pittsville, MD.






1931 Chevy




There were plenty of antique cars being shown including this 1931 Chevrolet belonging to Franklin Melson Jr. of Bridgeville, DE. It was this car's 36th year at our show. Also displayed are a variety of items and advertisements from that era along with the show plaques and buttons from each year the car has been attending.






We had an abundance of tractors of all sizes, makes and colors. This  Flambeau Red 1950 Case VAC is owned by Hastings Farm of Seaford, DE.



Case L


Before Flambeau Red there was Case Gray. This 1929 Model L Case belongs to Kenneth Fishell of Federalsburg, MD.




Gas Engine




We had many gas engines, too. This 1906 6 HP Ohio engine was displayed by Dave Reed of Elkton, MD.









We also had a horsemobile. This is a replica Moxie Car built and owned by Will Markey of Dallastown, PA. The Moxie Company is the oldest bottler of soft drinks in the US. Years ago they had a fleet of six of these cars which were used for parades and publicity. The driver sits atop the horse and drives the car. Only one of the original cars still exists. Mr. Markey built this one with permission of the Moxie Company with  a 1927 Rolls Royce. See the Kid's Page for a photo of Mr. Markey driving this vehicle.








Frick Engine








Above, two steam engines are belted up to two threshers. Right is Will and Dave Adams' 1895 8x10 Frick traction engine from Coatesville, PA.



Frick Engine#2




Mickey & Brenda Stant's 1927 Frick engine is belted to one of the threshers.






Right, Dave Kroa of Fleetwood, PA is using his 1909 8x10 Frick engine to power one of the threshers.






Among our demonstrations is the "Evolution of Threshing" which shows how threshing evolved from using the flail to the modern combine. Here Susan and Mickey Stant are squaring off with their flails, preparing to demonstrate how our ancestors literally beat the grain out of the straw.



Groundhog Thresher


After the flails, the groundhog thresher was invented. It was crude but was  much easier than using the flail. Here Mickey Stant (center) is shown feeding the thresher while Eric Harvey (left) is checking for grain in the straw and Jimmy Hall is holding it down. They are using Jamie Hall 's (on engine) 1915 8x10 Frick traction engine. The groundhog thresher was the first improvement in threshing for thousands of years.


Champion Thresher



This 1880's Champion No. 2 thresher was hand fed and separated the grain from the straw and chaff.




Frick Thresher


Next threshers evolved to this steel Frick thresher with a self feeder. The grain came out into the wagon and the straw out the rear blower pipe.









This 1940's vintage John Deere outfit was also threshing. Jerry Warrington's A John Deere is powering Mickey Stant's John Deere thresher. R. T. Legard is shown pitching bundles of wheat into the thresher.










After the wheat is threshed, the straw is baled using Jamie Hall's Peerless hand fed, wire tie baler.



Steam Model



We had a good representation of steam models.











The sawmill was in operation with Timmy Engle (left) at the helm.






Eric Harvey  and R.T. Legard are offbearing (taking the lumber and slabs away after they are cut from the log).






For more pictures of our 2005 show, please Click here.


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